BCF not responsible for losses

BCF chairman Sara Bulutani. Picture: FT FILE

BCF chairman Sara Bulutani. Picture: FT FILE

THE Boxing Commission of Fiji (BCF) has responded to the mention of professional boxing in Fiji in Parliament by opposition member of parliament Viliame Gavoka during the 2019/2020 National Budget Debate.

In a statement released by the commission the BCF wished to clear the air that the commission is not responsible for the loss of any boxer in the ring regardless where the fight took place whether in Fiji or overseas.

This was in response to Gavoka’s query on the huge number of losses in Australia.

“BCF is not even responsible if a boxer is beaten by his or her opponent in a local boxing promotion,” the statement said.

“We merely facilitate the boxer’s clearance to fight after conducting a thorough investigation research on overseas opponents records to match evenly with our boys and also following consultation with boxer’s manager and trainer.

“But we also ensure he is treated by medical professions and given notice to rest out if the loss is by way of serious knockout or technical knockout.

BCF chairman Bulutani Matai said he was surprised the opposition failed to pick this up as well.

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