Bauxite shipments benefit villagers

The barge, used to carry bauxite to the mother ship, now docked at the jetty in Navakasiga, Bua. Picture SERAFINA SILAITOGA

BAUXITE mining has raked in a gross value of $58.9 million from 26 exported shipments since 2012.

Land and Mineral Resources Ministry permanent secretary Malakai Finau said 22 shipments were from Nawailevu mine and four from the (Naibulu) Dreketi mine.

A team from this newspaper visited the area of bauxite operations in Bua and noticed that work has slowed down.

The team noticed that the barge used for carting bauxite to the mother ship from China was docked at the company’s (Aurum Exploration) jetty in Navakasiga and the bauxite stockpile area also vacant.

Trucks carrying bauxite from the mining site to the jetty no longer frequented the Nabouwalu Dreketi highway.

However, Mr Finau clarified that work had only scaled down but not ceased

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