Batiweti: Vibrant human resources department vital

FHRI Treasurer Neelta Goundar (left) greeting BSP Country Manager Kevin McCarthy and presence of FHRI president Kameli Batiweti (centre). Picture: JOVESA NAISUA/FILE

ORGANISATIONS that have a vibrant human resources department are often the most successful, says Fiji Human Resources Institute president Kameli Batiweti.

Speaking to this newspaper during a workshop on Conflict at Work at the Novotel Nadi, he said business leaders often lay too much emphasis on sales and the bottom line instead of trying to understand workers and their issues.

“It really depends on the CEO or leader of any organisation,” he said.

“Most CEOs and leaders focus on sales and marketing and the financial side of things.

“There are some CEOs and leaders that balance that with human resources and those CEOs and the companies they lead are the most successful. “Because when you get your human resources function right, staff engagement is high.

“And when employees are engaged, they go the extra mile and do the extra bit for the company. “Very successful companies today incorporate sales and marketing and finance with staff engagement. “And that’s where a lot of companies get it wrong. “They think that because they pay salaries, employees ought to perform. “It doesn’t work that way.

“Most employees just want their bosses to recognise them for the work that they do and their contribution to the overall success of the organisation,” he said.

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