Basoga family loses home in fire

A FAMILY of Basoga in Labasa is homeless after a fire destroyed their five bedroom house on Saturday night.

Mohammed Begg, 38, and his family were at a relative’s house when the fire started about 8.30pm.

Mr Begg said he left home about 6.30pm and was shocked when he was relayed the unfortunate news about his home.

“I turned off all electrical switches and closed up the house before I returned to my father-in-law’s place where my wife and son were staying,” he said.

“At about 8pm, I drove down to town and saw my house from the road and nothing was wrong, not a sign of any flame or smoke.

“But 10 minutes later when I got to town, a relative called me and informed me about the incident.”

Mr Begg said he would rebuild and begin with whatever he could afford.

The damage caused by the fire is estimated at $40,000.

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said the wooden house was destroyed in the fire and investigations into the incident were continuing.

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