Basketball Fiji present their itatau

President Jioji Konrote with the Fiji men's basketball players and officials. Picture: SUPPLIED

YOU are Fiji’s ambassadors on and off the field, you represent the country and your families and I don’t have any doubt that you will represent your country well.

Jioji Konrote said this while receiving the Basketball Fiji today as they presented their ‘i tatau’ at the State House.

President Konrote reminded the team of the great task ahead of them.

“You will be playing against countries with great reputation but you have played well and your coaches have taught you the skills that are needed,” Mr Konrote said.

He said the support and well wishes are behind the team and everyone back home will be behind them as they play against these well-known teams.

“The only thing I would like to emphasize and I have said with other teams who come to present their ‘i tatau’ these days in sports, doing your best is not enough you have to do your best and more to be successful as you represent your country in this tour,” he said.

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