Basic home fire safety tips

IN this week’s fire safety page, the National Fire Authority (NFA) advises homeowners to be mindful of some basic home fire safety tips.

Too many homes continue to be destroyed by fire and you can prevent this from happening to you. Simple but very important fire safety tips you can practise every day when you deal with electrical appliances, during cooking and when using fire ignition sources such as candles, prayer diya, mosquito coils, etc can help keep your home fire-safe.

Home fire safety tips:

• Ensure that electrical appliances are in good condition to use and do not overload your power board.

• Always remember to switch off all your electrical appliances such as the iron, electric kettle, oven, etc after use.

• Do not leave the cooking area until the food is cooked and ensure that all the embers for your cooking fire is put out completely before leaving the cooking area.

• Fire ignition sources such as candles, prayer diya, mosquito coils, etc should never be left unattended and should be extinguished properly before leaving home or going to bed.

• Parents/guardians must ensure to always supervise their children and keep matches/lighters in a high place, out of children’s reach.

Homeowners are advised to be mindful and practise these important fire safety tips. Never leave your home or go to sleep without checking that the above precautions have been taken care of.

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