Bank makes a huge impact on customers’ lives

ONE of the country’s largest and longest serving banks has made a huge impact on its customers’ lives with its suite of electronic channels to bring low cost products and services to more customers than ever before.

Westpac Fiji recently welcomed its 300,000th customer in its commitment to help Fiji prosper and grow.

A media statement from the bank said in addition to 20 branches and 76 ATMs across Fiji, Westpac had more than 70 InStores where local shop owners could help customers perform basic banking services.

It said InStores meant customers didn’t need to travel to branches; they could make deposits, withdrawals, check balances and pay money to their family and friends’ accounts at their local store.

Acting general manager Elliott Griffin said the bank was dedicated to meeting the needs of Fijians wherever they were.

“We remain passionate about servicing our customers’ needs and through our InStore network we can help our customers wherever they live.

“We pride ourselves on being the bank of choice for Fijians and we are delighted to welcome our 300,000th customer into the Westpac family,” said Mr Griffin.

According to the bank, Maopa Rokonaikoro of Maopa Store, Talenaua, Serua has been operating as an InStore merchant since 2015.

“The Westpac team put up a banner outside my shop and we also had a mini roadshow to create awareness about my InStore.

“My sales increased afterwards and this has also given me the opportunity to serve the community, especially the social welfare recipients from around the six villages nearby,” said Ms Rokonaikoro.

“Now, I am attending to school banking at Ratu Latianara Secondary School and again have encouraged parents through their children to make regular deposits into their accounts.

“Thank you Westpac for helping the community,” Ms Rokonaikoro said.

Mr Griffin said Westpac had long been committed to the sustainable development of Fiji through continued investment in its operations and had been able to deliver a superior banking experience to customers.

“We’re proud to have been helping generations of Fijians build a bright financial future, to grow their wealth and meet their financial goals.

“And we look forward to helping many more customers and their families for generations to come,” said Mr Griffin.

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