Banana Cup boost

THE 2017 Banana Cup competition received a boost with a $2000 sponsorship from the Five Squares at the Suva Bowling Club yesterday.

Company general manager sales Amendra Singh said the company was happy to sponsor the competition.

“Suva Bowling Club has been linked with Banana Cup since 1954 and it is a pleasure for us to link with the competition,” Singh said.

“It gives us a platform to acknowledge the teams and the players.

“We hope the weather is in favour of the tournament and we wish the best to all the teams.”

Tournament official Abdul Kalim said he was expecting good bowling during the weekend.

“We are expecting over 60 bowlers to compete in the Banana Cup in the men’s category and 30 in the women’s category,” Kalim said.

“Banana Cup is a very prestigious tournament and one of the most looked forward events in the Suva Bowling Club calendar. It is an open event and we have participants from all over the world.

“The defending champions are Bobby Prasad and Rajnesh Prasad and I believe they have changed their pairs this year, so they will be playing with different partners.”

The competition starts on Saturday.

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