Banana and pineapple biscuits

CONSUMERS can now expect two new biscuit varieties from FMF Foods Ltd designed to cater for both Fiji and the Pacific market.

This was after the company launched new products under its sub brand, FineFare Bites in the market called banana and pineapple bites on Wednesday, November 22.

I’m not sure about you but for me personally the smell of the freshly baked batch of biscuits definitely brings back sweet childhood memories.

The products come in a 150g pack with a distinct coloured bright yellow package.

FMF’s group marketing manager Poonam Kritika said their product development team decided to expand the fruit flavour ranges of bites leading them to work on flavours which were popular in this part of the world.

After various trials and consumer taste panels she said two flavours were identified and preparations for the launch began.

“The production, sales and marketing and resource sourcing teams worked tirelessly to prepare for the launch of this product.

“The clock was set for this launch as the season was most appropriate to offer consumers with exciting snacks as they head into the festive season,” Ms Kritika said.

She said the two new flavours were chosen based on the popularity of local fruit taste and preference.

“The product is being rolled out to major supermarkets this week with our teams samplings to the public for tasting before they buy the product.”

Ms Kritika added that the team were confident that the product would be loved by all and would add to its already successful range of biscuits.

Apart from the new flavoured snack she said consumers trends were also in demand for healthier options for snacking and have also look into this by launching their new wholemeal cracker biscuits.

“This new cracker is rich in fibre and gives great taste, health and convenience. It comes in 100g packs as well and as small as 44g pack which is very convenient to carry or put in kid’s lunch boxes for healthy snacking in school.”

Biscuit Company of Fiji is a subsidiary of FMF Foods Ltd and has been making biscuits since 1992.

We are the manufacturer of many popular products in Fiji such as FMF breakfast crackers, Webster’s fine fare creams, tymo choc coated biscuits and continue to strive and provide Fijians with the best and exciting range of products which give the people both international quality and variety at local prices and manufactured right here in Fiji by Fijians.

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