Ban use of plastic bags: Opposition MP

The improper disposal of plastic bags will continue to be an issue regardless of increasing its price, says Opposition MP Semesa Karavaki. Picture: FT FILE

Ban the use of plastic bags.

These were the words of Opposition Member of Parliament Semesa Karavaki as the 2018/2019 National Budget debate continues in Parliament.

Mr Karavaki suggested the total ban of the product if its use was to be cut down.

He said people would continue to dispose off plastic bags in the ocean even if it was sold for $1 each.

Mr Karavaki said the disposing methods of plastics would not change by increasing its price.

Opposition MP Viliame Gavoka also called for the total ban of plastics and people to be motivated to use shopping bags.

Minister for Local Government Parveen Kumar said the use of plastic bags would slowly be stopped.