Ballot papers

I find the personal attacks on my letter by Tukai Lagonilakeba as most uncalled for (FT 11/11).

While I don’t want to be involved in a political dispute, I find the personal patronage to the current system as most abhorrent and must respond to clear the air.

For clarification, the writer personally attacked the Fiji Labour Party and Mahendra Chaudhry on the national minimum wages for workers and now me.

I’m sure he is a free source of patronage for the system and he will be rewarded soon for his continuous support.

But perhaps I should explain my position to clear the air from this deviant influence on the country indeed party allegiance.

The issue I wrote about is the constitutional right of local voters as taxpayers to select leaders into Parliament and the other countries’ immigration policies in regards to allegiance to two countries.

If democracy cannot give me freedom of speech to criticise the system, such writers shouldn’t curtail others’ right to express themselves different from his views.

This is manipulation!

Long live democracy and liberties.

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