Bail extended for suspended police officers

Naqia villager Rigamoto Matea points to the spot where Inoke Lagicere was taken upriver by police in Wainibuka. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU/FILE

Five suspended  police officers, accused of assaulting a villager   from Naqia Village in Wainibuka, Tailevu, in April appeared at the Suva High Court this morning.

Sevanaia Narogi, Kameli Tukana, Mafoa Korosaya, Inoke Nagata and Jokaveti Rabuku appeared before High Court in Suva judge, Justice Riyaz Hamza charged with the assault of Inoke Lagicere.

Mr Narogi is charged with a count each of Act Intended to Cause Grievous Harm and Common Assault.

Mr Tukuna is charged with one count of common assault while Ms Rabuku is charged with one  count of conspiracy to defeat justice and interfering with witnesses and is alleged to have interfered with witnesses.

Mr Narogi, Mr Tukuna, Mr Korosaya and Mr Nagata are also charged with one count of assault causing actual bodily harm.

It is alleged the four men punched and kicked Mr Lagicere.

It is also alleged that Mr Narogi threw the victim over the Naqia bridge and slapped him.

All the incidents are alleged to have occurred on April 14.

The State has been given one month’s time to prepare proposed agreed facts and pre-trial conference checklist in the matter.

All five are on bail.

The case has been adjourned to September 15.

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