Bai focuses on children’s rugby

Children take part at Seremaia Bai's Rugby Academy of Fiji clinic being held at Bidesi Park. Picture: LICE MOVONO

RUGBY Academy Fiji founder and former Flying Fijian skipper Seremaia Bai is focused on the development of children’s rugby.

Bai, who debuted for Fiji in 2000 is at the tail end of his first holiday rugby clinic for children at the Bidesi Park in Suva.

The holiday programme, designed to teach rugby playing primary school and high school age boys and girls the basics of rugby attracted many young people from the central division area.

Speaking at today’s programme, Bai said he all about grooming the young to become good rugby players in the future.

“Some of these young kids attend school that doesn’t involve rugby, so with these clinics it helps them learn but also enjoy and make new friends,” he said.

The two week programme which includes basics of technical skills of the game has a heavy emphasis on discipline.

“Prior to the Milo Kaji rugby, this kind of clinics will enable kids to set their foundation and preparation as they learn the basic of rugby,” Mr Bai said.

The children’s holiday rugby clinic ends on Friday while the primary and secondary school rugby season begins in the second school term which begins next week.

Watch a video from the clinic:

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