BAF issues termite alert in midst of swarming season

The Asian Subterranean Termites (AST). Picture: FT FILE

Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (BAF) acting CEO Surend Pratap says the country is in the midst of Asian Subterranean Termite (AST) swarming season from late August to November annually and all Fijians should be aware and be alert.

“The AST is predominantly in certain parts of Lautoka and Labasa areas only and people living in these surrounding areas should take all the special precautions,” Mr Pratap said.

He said the AST had the ability to multiply very rapidly.

He said BAF was seeking the cooperation and support to all the awareness and advocacy on AST.

“It is estimated that a queen AST can lay up to 20,000 eggs annually.”

He said all Fijians should heed the advisory on AST prior to the swarming season within and around their premises.

“Lightening a small fire in a controlled environment for swarming AST to fly into and get incinerated, avoiding moisture around dwellings, securely closing all windows and doors to prevent AST from entering and also switching off lights till approximately 8:30pm when swarms are noted.”

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