BAF concerned with misinformation on subterranean termites

The Asian Subterranean Termites (AST). Picture: FT FILE

MISINFORMATION is being spread regarding promises of building concrete houses for those affected by the Asian Subterranean Termites (AST).

Biosecurity Authority of Fiji CEO Hillary Kumwenda said Fiji saw an outbreak of AST in late 2009 in Lautoka and Labasa after which operation Kadivuka was launched in 2010.

Mr Kumenda said 151 personnel from various government ministries and departments, including disciplined forces were involved in ensuring that affected areas and homes received treatment.

The AST that is in Fiji is an exotic pest and the second most destructive termite species in the world, which feeds voraciously on timber and other wooden products.

Mr Kumenda said in Fiji, the AST swarming period was from August to November and he urged members of the public not to fall prey to misinformation because the Government had equipped BAF with adequate resources for treatment, baiting and to conduct diagnostics work.

He said BAF on average had received around 150 complaints from Lautoka and surrounding areas and around 15 reports a week from Labasa.

Members of the public are advised to heed to the correct advise from BAF.

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