BAF aligns BAP registration with fruit exporters license

THE Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (BAF) has aligned registration of export Biosecurity Approved Premises (BAP) with the Fruit Exporters License (FEL) under the Fruit Export and Marketing Act.

This is in an effort to streamline registration processes and make it simpler for exporters of agricultural commodities to comply.
This change will ensure that inspection, renewal and new application for both FEL and BAP are carried out on an annual basis.
All BAP certificates of compliance and FEL will now be valid from 01 January to 31 December of the same year and the change, most importantly, allows all applications for BAP and FEL renewal or new registration to be submitted simultaneously.

BAF chief executive Officer Mr Hillary Kumwenda in a statement mentioned that this change was reflective of the organisation’s commitment to deliver the most efficient biosecurity services to all Fijian exporters.

He stated that “parallel registration of BAP and approval of FEL with validity from beginning to the end of a particular year will weed out the need to mobilize extra resources both for the exporter and BAF during the year.”
“Currently we notice that BAP, which is a requirement under the Biosecurity Act 2008, needs to be inspected and renewed mid-year for some exporters while the FEL is valid. This replicates work undertaken for FEL approval at the start of the year and may also cause disruptions to the exporter,” he said.
Mr Kumwenda went onto say exporters had welcomed this procedural change and this will also enable BAF to utilise its resources optimally by avoiding duplication of services.
“Regularly reviewing BAF policies and procedures keeps our services in-line with industry best practices and also ensures that these are consistent and effective,” he mentioned.

The fees payable for BAP registration and FEL approval is as follows:

1. New Applications (FEL & Export BAP):

a) FEL – $5.45

b) Annual Inspection Registration – Export Premises – $379.05

c) Registration –Export Premises Plant – $576.28

Total: – $960.78

2. Renewal Applications (F.E.L & Export BAP)

a) FEL – $5.45

b) Annual Inspection Registration – Export Premises – $379.05

Total: – $384.50

This change is only applicable to exporters registered under the Fruit Export and Marketing Act and does not apply to other exporters and importers of Biosecurity regulated goods and services.

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