Back in Fiji to vote

Habibul Rahinam made a special flight from the suburb of Papatoetoe in Auckland, New Zealand, to cast his vote in this year’s General Election in Fiji.

A former sugar industry employee based in Cuvu, Nadroga, Mr Rahinam has been living in New Zealand for the past ten years.

“I wanted to come and vote in my country of birth,” he said.

“It’s good to meet old friends both Fijians from both races after a long time.”

He was impressed with how this year’s general election was organised.

“In past elections we had to wait in long lines which was quite frustrating at times but this year it didn’t take long for me to cast my vote, especially with these crutches,” he said.

Now aged 53, he was a healthy man before he left Fiji but suffered an unexpected sickness recently.

“Doctors in Auckland told me it was diabetes but I believe it’s not diabetes.”

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