Baby Pearls into quarters

THE Baby Pearls are through to the Netball World Cup after defeating Grenada 74-23 in the World Youth Championship in Botswana yesterday.

They were scheduled to play England this morning (Fiji time) in the quarter-finals.

The team remains unbeaten after three matches.

Netball Fiji president Wainikiti Bogidrau had earlier indicated that Fiji had not progressed to this stage in any World Youth Cup before.

“So, we are quite excited about this opportunity,” Bogidrau said.

“The girls showed their dominance leading in all the three quarters. In the first quarter, they showed strength and confidence to lead 25-4.”

She said the players gained momentum and continued to show world-class defensive skills, especially from captain Episake Kahatoka who led with pride and determination to finish the second quarter with 43- 10.

“There are certain considerations that go into planning their strategies for both games whilst taking on the learning from our two wins so far.

“It has been a great team effort and all the girls need to be applauded for their efforts.”

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