Ministry removes parts of curriculum

Education Ministry permanent secretary Anjeela Jokhan. Picture: RAMA/FILE

The Ministry of Education has removed parts of the Year 13 curriculum from all subjects as students continue studying from their homes.

Education Ministry permanent secretary Anjeela Jokhan informed all heads of schools to bring the changes to the attention of teachers and students and monitor its implementation.

Research projects for English have been cancelled and for the four varieties of reading and writing, the ministry recommended they be taught but only two attempted during assessment.

The excluded curriculum in Year 13 mathematics are inverse trigonometric functions, sketching piecewise functions, mathematical induction and cumulative binomial distribution.

All practical experiments have been removed from the physics classes that includes charge and discharge of a capacitor and the Doppler effect.

Biology practicals on fungi, bryophytes, pteridophytes, protozoan, arthropoda and comparison of biological oxygen demand in various water samples have been removed.

Kingdom Protista and Kingdom Plantae theory have also been excluded.

Practicals from chemistry on strength of hydrogen bonds, electrode potentials, solubility product of silver acetate, preparation of tetraamminecopper, preparation of 2-Chloro-2-methylpropane and preparation and properties of some aldehydes have also been removed.

From economics, studies on exchange rates and environmental economics have been realigned.

For accounting, achievement indicators under company accounting, analysis and interpretation of financial statements and cost accounting have been realigned.

Questions on the changes emailed to Ms Jokhan remain unanswered.

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