Baber works on defence

COACH Gareth Baber has worked his players during training sessions with a special focus on their defence.

While Fiji is one of the countries with the best strikes when with ball in hand, its defence has not been as sterling as its attack.

Defence will be a key factor for the Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team when they go into the HSBC Hong Kong 7s tournament this weekend.

Baber and assistant coach Saiasi Fuli spent sessions to polish the players’ defence skills.

“One key area we worked on this week is our defence,” Baber said.

“The key thing in defence is to make sure that when there is a turnover ball or spilled ball we react quickly to get our shape back.

“We also need to be working together in fours and fives and spread a line across the field which makes it difficult for the opposition to find space.”

Baber said controlling the ball when on attack was critically vital.

“So, we need to attack hard in tackles and don’t let big teams settle into their system,” he said.

“Teams like to defend in system and if we break their system very quickly it will be difficult for them to get that back.

“Keeping pressure on their system all the time is all we’re after.”

Baber said they also worked on their restarts.

“We also concentrated on our kickoff, chase and receive,” he said.

“A couple of boys in the team haven’t been involved so it’s good to have them participate.”

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