Baber adamant to field an experienced team for San Francisco

Fiji Airways Fiji 7s coach Gareth Baber says he will select an experienced team for the upcoming Rugby 7s World Cup in San Francisco. Picture: FT FILE

FIJI Airways Fiji 7s coach Gareth Baber says after a disappointing loss to England last weekend, they are now working to improve their performance in the upcoming Rugby World Cup Sevens in San Francisco next month.

He made this comment in an interview with The Fiji Times saying the only way other teams were able to secure wins was through containing the robust side.

“Sometimes I say the way that we play rugby, we play with risk occasionally, we will get beaten because teams know they need to contain us if they going to get victories,” Baber said.

“We just didn’t manage to pull away from England on the weekend and they nabbed it in the last sort of split-second try. Now I look back on the season and see how many times have we did that to opponents and it wasn’t to be on this occasion.”

Baber said for the upcoming world cup, he would be looking to field in a team with experience.

“World cups are about experiences…about being able to reproduce performance and you need players who have experience in that recreational performance and know how to do it individually and collectively.”

He said the team would be preparing at a training camp in Utah before the World Cup in San Francisco.

“That doesn’t make us shy away from what we do as a team and where we want to go as a team and how we play.

“It’s very much concentrating on what we’re good at as Fijians and ensuring that the rest of the world sees that in the rest of the games that we need to play in San Francisco.”