Ba water supply disruptions till Friday

RESIDENTS of Ba have been advised to expect water disruptions from today until Friday (May 25).

A statement issued today by the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) has attributed to the water disruptions to an Electricity Fiji Limited planned power outage this morning.

As a result the Waiwai Water Treatment Plant and Narau Water Pumping Station will be operated by generators.

“On generator mode, the water being pumped won’t be to its full capacity as compared to electricity power, which will result in low water inflows into the plant and pumping station. Also the water being fed into the Waiwai Temporary Water Pumping Station will be low due to the low creek level,” WAF said.

The areas affected include part of Naruku, part of Kumkum, Chinakoti, part of Moto, part of Tabataba, Marinitawa, Talaiya, Nasolo, Vatulaulau, Tarivo, Tauvegavega, Maururu, Korovatu, Vutuni, elevated areas of Namosau, Clopcott, Valele, Mia Mahajan Rd, elevated areas of Yalalevu, Nailaga, Varoko, Sarava, Navau, Navatu, Khalsa Rd, Lavuci, Vatiyaka, Varavu, Sorokoba, Sasa, Natalecake, Vadravadra, Sigave, Matiniqara, Togalevu, Natutu, Votua, Navoli, Waibuka, part of Visaru, Koronubu, Benai, Korovuto, Namada and Nawaqarua.

WAF is advising its customers residing in these areas to store and use water wisely for their immediate needs during the period.

Water carts will be on standby to service the areas as and when the need arises.

Water supply is expected to be gradually restored from this evening until 6am Friday (May 25).

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