Awesome carnival

I would like to congratulate the newly appointed CEO Binesh Prakash Naidu of Tavua Town Council for organising an awesome Gold and Water Carnival on October 12-15 at Garvey Park in Tavua.

Thanks to his hardworking staff for without them this carnival wouldn’t have been possible.

I understand this carnival was held for the betterment of Tavua Town where the residents of Tavua were to benefit.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr Naidu for the wonderful carnival, as well as for all of the time and effort that he put into organising this event.

I appreciate all of the work he and his staff did for this carnival and always look forward to the same in future.

Not forgetting Miss Nashrat Nazmin Nisha for her crowning as Miss Gold and Water 2016 and her sponsor Goundar’s Timber Supplies.

Hats off to Mr Naidu and his team for an awesome carnival.

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