Awards aim to improve productivity and quality

OVER the past 19 years 238 awards have been presented to as many as 116 applicants of the Fiji Business Excellence Awards, says Fiji National University vice-chancellor Professor Nigel Healey.

Professor Healey made the statement at the launch of the 2018 Fiji Business Excellence Awards held at the Grand Pacific Hotel Suva on Tuesday.

He said FBEA were awarded to applicants from organisations from the public and private sector, large and small enterprises, both local and international companies.

“These organisations have benefitted immensely from their participation in the awards process and have continued to use the awards framework as an organisational self-assessment tool for quality improvement,” he said.

Professor Healey said they anticipated that year 2018 would be a promising year for FBEA as they had reached a milestone for the Awards Secretariat which will celebrate 20 years of the awards in Fiji since its launch.

Meanwhile the Asian Pacific Organisation secretary-general Dr Santhi Kanoktanaporn said the FBEA was a set of prestigious national awards designed to improve productivity and quality in enterprise throughout Fiji.

Dr Kanoktanaporn said the awards promoted business excellence by providing a framework for assessment based on principles similar to those of quality award systems used in other parts of the world.

“The business excellence framework systematically identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement and uses other tools to build on strengths, improve performance to create value for stakeholders, and achieve superior business results,” he said.

In addition to the launch of the awards for 2018, President Joiji Konrote also launched 20th anniversary logo for FBEA.

“I am advised that the new logo portrays a new rounded shape on the edge of the FBEA logo and this circle sends a positive emotional message of harmony and protection,” said Mr Konrote.

“The symbol on the circle is used in the logo to represent unity, commitment, love or community.

“It also shows that it is a never-ending journey.

“The gold represents the new era and a new dimension of innovation and excellence,” he said.

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