Avoiding fire incidents at home

EVERY year, media organisations in the country report on lives being lost because of fire incidents or family members being displaced by fires that could’ve been easily avoided.

It is important to learn simple fire safety tips, especially teaching children in the house on what to do during a fire breakout.

The National Fire Authority continues to urge members of the community to follow fire safety tips as to easily avoid unnecessary fires and possibly loss of lives and property.

The authority advises members of the community to engage a registered electrical conductor or electrician to check electrical power points and electrical wiring at home to prevent fire incident from occurring.

The authority advises members of the community to take extra care while using candles, kerosene lanterns and when cooking.

Candles, prayer diya, mosquito coils and kerosene lanterns should be placed in a safe place on a metal surface and must not be left unattended at home.

Here are some simple safety tips from the NFA that can help you and your family prevent a fire incident from occurring.


? When using candles please place it on a metal surface;

? Keep lit candles out of the reach of children and pets;

? Place the candle away from curtains;

? Place candle away from overhanging clothes, blankets, paper, which could catch fire;

? Place candle away from furniture or beddings; and

? Place candle away from flammable sources such as kerosene, fuel, stove etc.

Kerosene stove/lantern:

? Ensure kerosene stove or lantern is placed in a safe place;

? Ensure they are properly put off when not in use;

? Do not leave kerosene stove burning unattended; and

? Keep out of reach of children.

Gas stove:

? Always turn off gas cylinders when stove is not in use; and

? Ensure the gas stove burner is clean.


? After cooking ensure the open fire is extinguished properly to avoid burning embers which can be fanned away by winds and cause a fire to the home.


? Keep all matches and lighters out of the reach of children; and

? Never underestimate your children’s curiosity about fire and their ability to strike a match or a lighter.

Mosquito coil:

? Place the mosquito coil in a safe place on a metal plate;

? Never put the mosquito coil on paper;

? Place mosquito coil away from curtains and other combustible materials;

? Never put mosquito coil near or under the settee; and

? Leave mosquito coils where it can be easily seen.

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