Authority improves national roads

MORE than 158,000 potholes from around the country’s roads have been filled by the Fiji Roads Authority in the first half of this year.

This was confirmed in the authority’s latest newsletter, which also reported that 7818 kilometres of unsealed roads have been upgraded; 148,000 square metres of sealed road pavement repairs completed; and 2215 metres of new culvert pipes have been installed.

FRA chief executive Neil Cook said significant improvement was evident across the country.

“Not a week goes by without more work being completed that improves the standard of living for another community,” Mr Cook said.

He said the lessons learnt last year had been put into practice and the momentum from last year had been maintained.

Also reported in their half-yearly progress, FRA states that 61km of road were resealed, 11km of road reconstruction completed, 2270km of line markings painted and 152,000 cubic metres of gravel were applied to unsealed roads — enough to fill 60 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

“We have always stated that this is a long-term process.

“The problem that we face that have developed over decades will take five to 10 years to be rectified.

“But the work that has been achieved in the 20 months FRA has been in operation is evidence that if the momentum is maintained, we will achieve what we set out to achieve, and that is a world standard roading network that benefits all Fijians.”

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