Authority celebrates Easter

IN the spirit of Easter about 70 staff of the Fiji Electricity Authority gathered for a multicultural celebration at the company’s Navutu office in Lautoka.

Christian staff members sang hymns and explained the significance of Easter to non-Christians.

Human Resources team leader Zareena Bi said they tried to celebrate all major religious festivals in the office.

“It was a very apt spiritual start for the upcoming Easter weekend for the employees who came together as one family regardless of their own religious faith to be a part of this significant date on the Christian calendar,” she said.

FEA CEO Hasmukh Patel said while the 40 days of Lent may have ended, the journey did not end at resurrection.

“One could argue that the resurrection is not the event that marks the end of anything,” he said.

“However, the common thread of humanity that connects us all, not just Christians and Jews but Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs.

“It is our shared commitment to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. For all of us, Easter is a story of hope, a belief in a better day to come.”

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