Authentic mouth-watering sweets and snacks

Travelling overseas this Easter, thinking of what to give a loved one, visiting family around the country, or hosting friends at home Bhikhabhai has ideal gift ideas in Indian authentic sweets and snacks.

The founders of Bhikhabhai shared their story on how customers prefer to buy both sweets and snacks when visiting or sending a gift.

“In Hindi, we would say “kouch tita aur kouch mitha” meaning something hot and something sweet.”

Keeping true to their Vision statement, in September 2017 Bhikhabhai launched gift hamper packs and as the word suggests it comes in specially designed packaging with a complimentary gift card where the person giving the gift can write a special message.

They are offering Easter combo specials in authentic Indian delicacies that come in beautiful gift hampers.

Known as the people’s first choice in sweets and snacks Bhikhabhai offers two options of gift hamper packs which include mouth-watering sweets pack, ziplock snacks pack and a complimentary gift card to pen that specialised messages for your loved one.

The hamper packs contain delicious yellow and white barfi, Fiji penda and the choice of premium mixed bhuja or premium chevda in ziplock pack.

These special gift hamper packs are available at their four retail shops in Ba shop (main street, Ba Town), Lautoka shop (Tappoo City in Lautoka), Nadi shop (RB Patel Jetpoint in Martintar), Suva shop (Damodar City Centre, Raiwai).

Originally from the Gujarat Village, India, Parbhu Bhai Hira first established the business in the 1920s as he invested in sweet making in Fiji, the year indentured labourers also decided to make Fiji their home.

Settling in Ba, Hira started his business based in a bean cart which grew in popularity among locals.

Then they opened their first Bhikhabhai shop outside of Ba in Nadi in 2009 followed by a shop in Suva in 2012 and later in Lautoka in 2016.

By 2010 they had ventured into the Tourism Sector and are now supplying their trademark authentic Indian delicacies to a number of major hotels and resorts on Denarau and Coral Coast.

Visit any Bhikhabhai shop for your authentic Indian sweets or snacks supplies today.

And if you are travelling overseas take a piece of Fiji with you!

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