Australians top arrivals

Madison Sloane, closest to camera, of Sydney, Australia enjoys a dip in the pool with other tourists at the Warwick Fiji Resort & Spa in Sigatoka in September last year. Picture: FT FILE

Australia continued to be the largest source of visitors to Fiji, revealed the 2019 interim Fiji International Visitor Survey January–June 2019.

According to the survey, a total of 163,826 Australians came to Fiji between January and June last year and they spent $302 million in the country.

The survey revealed of the $302m, Australians had pre-paid $211m before arriving in the country when they booked airline tickets and accommodation.

Each Australian visitor is estimated to have spent 8.3 days in Fiji during which time they used $223 per day.

The survey stated that 17 per cent of Australian visitors to Fiji were aged 40-49 years, the highest age group of tourists to come to Fiji.

“Compared to other markets, Australians were more likely to stay on the Coral Coast,” the survey stated.

The survey revealed that 66 per cent of the 168,826 Australians who came to Fiji during that period said they were satisfied with their trip.

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