Aussie firm offers BCT based power network

Update: 12:38PM DECARBONISING the energy sector can be driven along faster by Block Chain Technology (BCT) and in the process put power back in the hands of consumers.

Australian energy policy expert James Eggleston (PhD)
said BCT could work like an energy internet.

Power Ledger, the company he works for provides energy
retailers in Australia with a software which basically provides automated meter
readings, invoice generator and settlement.

The first presenter at this mornings US Embassy organised
Regional BCT Tech Camp, Dr Eggleston said the tech creates transparent power
supply chains.

“On a BCT you’re charged for only the power you use.
You’re not paying just for the sake of being billed,” he said.

Power Ledger’s tech allows Australian energy retailers
similar to the Fiji Electricity Authority to accurately records input and
output on their power grid.

“It offers solutions to decarbonise the power
network and provide power to those who don’t have it.”

Dr Eggleston hopes to meet with PIC energy retailers to
share how Power Ledger tech can address Island energy challenges.

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