Aumua challenges council to be more involved

Fiji Higher Education Commission director Lynda Auma during the opening of the new Construction Industry Council at FNU Derrick Campus , Samabula Suva yesterday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

THE Construction Industry Council (CIC) was challenged yesterday to be more involved in the development and delivery of quality qualification at higher learning institutions.

Fiji Higher Education Commission (FHEC) director Linda Aumua posed this challenge as one of the guest speakers at the opening of the new CIC office located within the Fiji National University (FNU) campus at Samabula.

FHEC’s role is to oversee and regulates as a statutory body with the Ministry of Education under the government, the quality assurance of places like FNU, University of the South Pacific and all other higher education institutions that are developing and delivering quality qualifications.

“It’s a huge task. One of the roles that we are currently doing is that we are developing what we call National Qualifications which are the certificates that the students come out of the institutions with and come into the industries,” Mrs Aumua said.

“What we want is for every institution including FNU to deliver National Qualification because National Qualification is done in full partnership with the industries. So what we have currently got in the sector at the moment is organisations or higher education institutions develop these qualifications in their own entity in their own boardrooms with their own colleagues and academics. This should not be done. This is the work of the industry.”

Mrs Aumua said industries should be developing their qualifications.

“Yes, we can sit alongside you, but you are the key people into developing these. So often in the last two years I have been here, I have been throwing stones at the lack of training within this country and that the quality of courses that the students are actually attaining are not relevant to the industry or they not meeting industry needs and so I am turning that around and saying, actually that’s your job industries. It is not the institutions job, it is your job.”

“So the challenge for you really is to be at the interface and so I really encourage the relationship that you have. This is a perfect relationship where an industry is inside an organisation in this case FNU,” Mrs Aumua said.

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