Attacking power

THE National Rugby Championship (NRC) team statistics indicates the Fiji Airways Drua as the better attacking team compared with semi-final opponents Queensland Country.

On attack, Drua have recorded 4893 running metres, 979 carries, 124 clean breaks, 212 defenders beaten, 103 off-loads, 132 kicks from hand and 982 passes.

Their opponents, Queensland Country, recorded 3766 running metres, 757 carries 96 clean breaks, 218 defenders beaten, 74 off-loads, 174 kicks from hand and 976 passes.

Despite having more attack stats, Queensland Country seemed to be the more efficient of the two when it came to converting those statistics into five pointers.

They have recorded 49 tries, 25 successful conversions, one penalty goal while the Drua scored 41 tries, 34 conversions and two penalty goals.

Moreover, despite having more tackle counts of 1041, the Drua missed 243 tackles, 47 turnovers.

Country however recorded 1010 tackles and have missed 208 tackles and won 64 turnovers.

But the Drua however proved to be the more indisciplined of the two teams recording a table topping 104 penalties, conceding 137 turnovers and eight yellow cards.

Country has conceded 49 penalties, 105 turnovers and seven yellow cards.

Drua coach Senirusi Seruvakula said this week they worked on their discipline and defence in preparation for their NRC semi-final match against Queensland Country in Brisbane today.

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