Athletics on show

MULTI discipline events made a comeback as the Shop N Save Easter Athletics Competition got underway at the ANZ Stadium in Suva.

The men’s octathlon attracted six participants including hurdler Jone Wainiqolo.

Ilisoni Rarasea, who won the 100m at the Coke Games last year, opted to try the 400m hurdles yesterday.

“This is one event not many people are competing in. I have been advised to take it and hopefully I can make the qualification time,” he said.

“It will take a lot of time getting use to it, so a lot of practice is needed. I also plan to run the 100m tomorrow (today).”

Sprinter Francis Kirikirikula was at the grounds watching. He said he was going to participate in the sprint events for today.

Meanwhile sprinter Banuve Tabakaucoro returned to Fiji last night and is expected to run in the 100m today.

Schools and athletes from the West, East and the Central divisions converge today at the ANZ Stadium for the Easter Championship.

Day 1 Results

Open Mens 400M Hurdles

1. Ilisoni Rarasea Trailblazers 57.60sec

2. Eroll Qaqa USP 61.10sec

3. Peniasi Sobuli USP 63.90sec

4. Emanuel Woodley Lautoka 67.80sec

Open Mens 10,000m

1. Avikash Lal Jetrunners 33:35.30

2. Usiaia Karaloa Namosi 41.57.49

Mens 100m Octathlon Heat 1

1. Jone Wainiqolo Laucala 11.8sec

2. Manu Bavoro USP 12.7sec

3. Peter Waqa USP 13.0sec

Mens 100m Octathlon Heat 2

1. Isireli Bulivorovoro USP 12.1sec

2. Watisoni Ducia USP 12.8sec

3. Navitalai Narisia USP 13.0sec

Mens Long Jump Octathlon

1. Isireli Bulivorovoro USP 6.41m

2. Manu Bavoro USP 5.41m

3. John Wainiqolo Laucala 5.26m

4. Peter Waqa USP 5.25m

5. Navitalai Narisia USP 4.99m

6. Watisoni Ducia USP 4.78m

Mens Shot Put Octathlon

1. Peter Waqa USP 8.45m

2. John Wainiqolo Laucala 8.44m

3. Isireli Bulivorovoro USP 8.43m

4. Navitalai Narisia USP 7.16m

5. Watisoni Ducia USP 7.03m

6. Manu Bavoro USP 5.89m

Mens 400m Octathlon

1. John Wainiqolo Laucala 53.8sec

2. Watisoni Ducia USP 55.6sec

3. Navitalai Narisia USP 57.7sec

4. Isireli Bulivorovoro USP 58.7sec

Masters Men Hammer Throw

1. Albert Miller Laucala 28.92m

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