The Real Estate Licensing Board says not all lawyers and valuers are in the panel of banks and financial institutes. Here are some tips for those interested in the real estate sector in Fiji:

* It is the duty of real estate agents to advise their clients which lawyers and valuers they can use as not all lawyers are in bank’s panel;

* REALB is urging consumers to place their deposit in the lawyers trust fund unless the licensed real estate agent has a trust fund account;

* Consumers are urged not to make decisions in a rush while purchasing properties;

* If consumers are not happy with the price and condition of a property, they should simply not purchase that particular property;

* Last year, there were 117 licensed real estate agents and many had properties to sell;

* It is wise to utilise the services of various agents when looking for properties before buying;

* It is not wise to just stick with one agent while looking for properties; and

* Consumers can contact the board on 330 0355 to learn more about the real estate market or raise concerns about licensed real estate agents.

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