Association provides feedback

Canefarmers Co-operative Savings & Loans Association Ltd manager Jone Kedraika. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE CCSLA (Canefarmers Co-operative Savings & Loans Association Ltd) has provided feedback to the UNCDF (United Nations Capital Development Fund) in regard to its members receiving their first pay-outs from FijiCare for the ClimateCare parametric micro-insurance.

CCSLA manager Jone Kedraika referred to the insurance policy as the first of its kind in Fiji to be made available to and to cater to the needs of rural entrepreneurs, farmers and fishermen. He elaborated that rainfall damage was a devastating and never-ending struggle for the 4800 members of the association across the cane belt, landing many in debt in order to recover.

“With the introduction of this insurance most of them were really happy. At least when disaster strikes there is something they receive,” he said.

CCSLA Parametric Microinsurance Project Lead Losana Kumar, who has been with the association for 19 years, said, “Our members are very important to us so when this proposal was put forward by the UNDP PICAP team, we took it up”.

“We initially had mixed feelings because we’ve never received any assistance or grant of this kind from any government, from any organisation, so this was the first ever assistance we received and we’re very grateful.

“With this we were able to reach out to these grassroot level communities in terms of product awareness and financial literacy.” In 2021 the association held 36 workshops reaching about 780 participants and in 2022 the workshops saw about 500 participants.

This programme also allowed the association to reach new markets and sign on about 300 new members. Of more than 700 CCSLA members that signed up for the parametric microinsurance plans since their inception, 155 have already qualified for and received pay-outs for the rainfall in early 2023.

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