Association members apply for taxi permits

Taxi driver Nawaneedan read through the Taxi Permit Application Form in Lautoka. Picture: REINAL CHAND

Lautoka Taxi Association president Raben Singh says about 25 per cent of its members have applied for taxi permits that would be issued in the Western Division this week. “I think since the issuing of the permits was stopped some years back, many taxidrivers or interested taxidrivers have been waiting for this chance,” he said.

“We have 112 members with the association and about 25 per cent of them had applied for a permit.”

He said the requirements for the application and the lottery system was fair.

“Firstly, I think the requirement that each applicant should have an annual household salary below $20,000 is very good because it gives taxidrivers with less income a chance to earn more. And the lottery system is fair because it does not allow any favouritism or anything like that from happening.”

This week, the Land Transport Authority will distribute forms to interested applicants in Nadi and Lautoka from May 31. According to the authority, applications will be issued to interested people from Barara, Lomolomo, Viseisei, Saweni, Lauwaki, Velovelo, Wairabetia, Taiperia, Natabua, Field 40, Navutu and Lautoka City.

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