Assisting young children

TO be loved and nurtured by a community can build and mould a child’s future to becoming someone remarkable in life.

This is something that Burger King Fiji strongly believes in, assisting young children to get a better education and to be cared for while growing up.

Last week 40 children from the St Christopher’s Home were treated to a scrumptious meal at the new Burger King Suva restaurant. Not only did the children try out the new menu, they also received a donation of $2501 from the Burger King Fiji management during their visit.

The children were given the honours to open the restaurant by officially cutting the ribbon and also unveiling the new restaurant commemorative plaque.

St Christopher’s Home sister-in-charge Sister Kalo Tuineau said the children were overwhelmed with the invitation from Burger King.

“It’s a big business and to officially launch their new restaurant is something extraordinary for these children,” Sister Kalo said.

“We were humbled by the opportunity. The youngest child from the home is one year and five months and the oldest is 18 years old.

“It’s the first time for the children to be invited by Burger King and they were excited. It was a big occasion for the children especially being part of something like this to be treated and served by the experienced staff of Burger King.

“The donation given to us would be used for the children’s Christmas gifts at the end of the year.

“The children love to wear Bula outfits, so we hope to get them new outfit for Christmas. We plan for each child to get $40 each so they can do some shopping for themselves and get to pick out what they want.”

She said the home often lived on gifts received and most of them were used on children’s welfare.

“We want to provide the children with new things so $1000 would be used for Christmas gifts and new outfits while the other half would be set aside for the new school year,” she said.

“We make sure that the children get new shoes and uniforms when the school starts.

“We thank God that the children are well looked after by the community as we had seen by the Burger King general manager Akash Narsey, the management and staff.”

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