Assistant minister ready to take service to the people

Assistant Minister for Agriculture, Rural Development and National Disaster Management, Commander Joeli Cawaki believes decentralisation of services will be an issue he wants government to address.

“I would like to see us take the services to the people,” Cdr Cawaki said.

“We take our health services, our water, education and commerce to those in rural communities so that there are no more long travels to urban centres to access them. Our service should be readily available to people in rural areas.”

Cdr Cawaki said providing shelter for women market vendors was also something that needed to be addressed. “If you see now, from Wednesday to Saturday, women are still sleeping at markets near their produce that they brought to sell.

“That is one of the biggest issues. It’s not supposed to be that way. People are still sleeping in markets trying to sell their produce but we need to turn that around by bringing the market to the people.”

He said government would have to bridge the gap between the vendors and a marketplace.

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