Assistance for victims

BY now we have all seen the path of destruction caused by Severe TC Winston and our hearts and prayers go out to those who felt the full brunt of its devastating power. To make things worse I just found out my village in Ra was not spared and like everyone I was really sad to see the damage done.

We’ve also read the heroic deeds of many and just somehow we seem to excel in this conditions it could be our general nature in trying to help anyone in need or maybe it’s that warrior spirit in us that has never burned out, a slight smile beckons me and I say to myself “only in Fiji”.

Anyway now everyone wants to chip in and help and that is all good, but we must be careful and make sure whatever is collected is given to those that really need our help.

Let not what happened before happen again, where when TC Evan struck two years after the previous cyclone, some families were still living in makeshift houses because the assistance did not reach them or they just fell through the bureaucratic cracks.

Let’s all work together to pull our nation out of this natural disaster and thank you to all those who have stepped up to assist us, especially our big brothers Australia and New Zealand and to all the generous people out there. May God bless Fiji.

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