Assessors reach opinion

ASSESSORS reached a unanimous guilty opinion for nine of the 14 accused in the Nadroga, Navosa sedition trial yesterday.

All accused were each charged with two counts of seditious intent.

Ratu Inoke Tasere, Jimi Koroibete, Adi Cuvu Gavidi Atama, Ulaiyasi Rabua Tuivomo, Semi Tanakili, Mosese Navaci, Eroni Rikoriko, Alifereti Gonewai and Jorama Ratulevu were all deemed guilty on two counts of seditious intent by four assessors in the High Court in Lautoka.

The assessors’ opinions on the remaining accused varied.

Third accused Seru Kunalagi was found not guilty by three of the assessors on count six.

The same assessors opined sixth accused Peniasi Naqau not guilty on the count 12. Three assessors gave a not guilty opinion on count 15 and 16 for Ratu Osea Bolaqatabu.

The fourth assessor, however, found the accused guilty on the 15th count.

Three of the assessors were of the opinion that ninth accused Ratu Tevita Makutu was not guilty of the 18th count.

The second assessor gave a not guilty opinion for Mr Nakuinivou.

High Court judge Justice Sunil Sharma will deliver his judgment next Wednesday.

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