Ash fall on North Pentecost worsens

PORT VILA, 30 JULY 2018 (VANUATU DAILY POST)  The people of North Pentecost have experienced heavy volcanic ash fall in Nazareth centre, all districts and villages for over a week now.

Families at Nazareth centre told the Daily Post by phone that the fallen volcanic ash fall has decrease, but much damage has been caused to garden crops, plants, trees, coconut trees by the volcanic ash.

“The ashes fall like heavy rain and affect plants, grass, garden crops and even taken down some roofs that could not bear the weight of the ashes,” one caller told the Daily Post.

She said over the last two days, people in North Pentecost were forced to use torch lights at 10.00am in the morning and in the past two days, they had to use lanterns homes during the daytime due to the darkness caused by the volcanic activity.

“It’s difficult to move around in such conditions. People just remain in doors because of fear of being affected by the heavy ash falls as well as taking precautionary measures in terms of their health,” the caller told Daily Post.

She added that the ash falls have forced the independence sports and other activities off the fields in north Pentecost and believe the same has happened in Central and South Pentecost.

The people also find it hard to visit the gardens and collect food for fear of their health and lives.

“We have never experienced a situation like this before and are worried about our health and lives,” the caller said.

“We are waiting on local authorities to tell us what to do as we cannot live in this situation for a long time, said the caller.

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