Asco boosts Fiji Paralympic’s preparation for Tokyo 2020 games

THE Fiji Paralympic committee received a major boost from Asco motors on their preparation towards the 2020 Paralympics game, which will be held in Tokyo, Japan.

With a sum of close to $30,000, the sponsorship will assist the paralympic committee in development programs and their preparation towards the 2020 Paralympics games.

Fiji Paralympics committee executive director Joshko Waqaniyasi said the assistance would be able to help the committee achieve goals that they had set out.

“Today, the support and assistance actually allow us to achieve our plans in preparing towards the paralympic games and achieving the goals that have been set in this particular timeline,” said Waqaniyasi.

Asco Motors will be donating the amount over a period of 18 months paid in three instalments based on the number of Toyota and Yamaha cars sold.

Asco Motors CEO Craig Sims believes that help from corporate bodies can motivate sporting committees in the preparation.

“Sports is one of the great things about Fiji and I think with a bit more funding, the paralympic committee could do amazing things,” said Sims.

“We are honoured to jump on board and help assist the committee on their preparation towards the games and we will do other sponsorship deals that will be announced in the future,” he added.

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