Artist returns to his roots

A Fijian artist with strong links to his Fijian and New Zealand heritage is making a name for himself.

Josaia McNamara, the self -taught painter, had his seventh solo exhibition opened by the Alliance Française last week.

Speaking on behalf of Mr McNamara, Johnathan Andrews said he derived his inspirational artistic philosophy from the foundation of three humanitarian principles based on ‘culture, religion and esoteric spirituality’.

Currently a freelance artist living and working in the Naitasiri province, Mr McNamara also works alongside the “Waisiliva Artist Initiative” based at Leleuvia Island, with the Fiji Arts Council, and the Fiji Museum.

“For something to move there has to be an internal beginning. From this point we engage in the present, realizing that it will contribute to the future,” he said.

“There is a creative power deep within each human. Only humans have the potential to unlock their creative intelligence. Creative energies come in many forms. Josaia hopes that his works will reflect back and speak to the viewers of his art… or at least to some. Within, he insists, are “some clues about their own existence.”

More than 80 people attended the opening last week. The exhibition will close on May 19.

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