Art comes out of retirement, ready to race

Former Fiji Times Ltd general manager and publisher Hank Arts .Picture: Atu Rasea/File.

FORMER The Fiji Times general manager Hank Arts is not backing down from a challenge as he prepares to take part in the Island Chill Suva Marathon next month.

At the age of 71, Arts aims to continue keeping fit and well by doing jogs or regular walks at least three times a week.

“At the age of 23 after a long stint in hospital with rheumatic fever, after recovery I was weak and jogging got me going again.

“Jogging progressed to running and I attended the very first round the bay run in Auckland. Just 180 runners and I came in at number 68,” said Arts.

Arts later on joined the Manurewa Harriers and ran a series of full marathons, including Hamilton, Rotorua and Auckland.

The average time for most of these was 3.45, with the best time at Rotorua at 3.25hrs.

Arts believes participating in the event was good for the wellbeing of every individual.

“This event is super important for fun and wellbeing, you get to love longer and of course enjoy more for your retirement.

“I believe that the manner in which this event is organised, you will grow into a large international event so you better get ready,” he said.

Arts will be part of the Island Chill Suva Marathon event which will be held on July 27 at Albert Park in Suva where the race will begin.

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