Art, a growing aspect of education in Fiji

Students at the International School Suva's inaugural arts night on Thursday. Picture: Supplied

ART is a growing aspect of education in Fiji.

This was highlighted by International School Suva (ISS) head of arts Kate Reimann during the school’s inaugural arts night on Thursday.

The event displayed an array of artistic acts including paintings and drawings, fashion parades, traditional dances, musical performances and dramatic monologues.

“Tonight is the first time we have done it as a grouping of all the arts.

“In the past, we had art exhibitions independent of drama and musical performances,” Ms Reimann said.

“This is the first time that we have joined and created an exhibit more like a variety concert including all of the art forms that we study here at ISS.”

She said they hoped to make it an annual event that the children would look forward to each year.

“All of the work that is on display; the visual artists and the fashion and textiles students and performances are all part of the assessment that the students have been doing throughout the year.

“They have been learning the songs through music lessons or the monologues through their drama classes and the artwork on display has been made and created through their class times as part of their assessments.”

Ms Reimann said jobs offered to students in the art field was growing and they saw the art night as a building block for students.

“As a leading school in Fiji with an official art program, it’s something that we want to push for and get more into the community because it’s such a growing and evolving aspect of the school and communities and also life in general,” she added.

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