‘Arise before our future dies’

SAVE the Children Fiji-led initiative Kids Link Fiji has come out strongly in response to the recent rise in sexual violence against children in the country.

Kids Link Fiji members have sent out a strong message to the nation during their meeting last week where the members adopted a strong message “Fiji arise, before the future dies”.

SC Fiji chief executive officer, Iris McKenzie said Fiji needed to come together collectively to raise the awareness and advocacy in preventing violence against children.

“The children are sending out a clear message that ‘Enough is Enough’. They want the violence to stop,” she said.

Kids Link Fiji members said if Fiji was calling children “our future and leaders of tomorrow” then what adults are doing to “our future” when children were being physically abused, exploited and sexually assaulted.

“Each and every individual should play a role in ending violence and abuse in Fiji, as this is the best and effective way to fight it,” the members said.

Kids Link Fiji members expressed their disappointment on neglectful adults, parents and community members for not taking care of children when they were most vulnerable.

The members further discussed that it was extremely worrying when most of the perpetrators were known to the children or individuals the victims had been acquainted with for some time.

The members felt that harsher penalties should be handed down to the perpetrators as the current ones did not seem to be a good enough deterrent.

According to the members, preventative measures need to be adopted and these include the police force being trained to be child friendly and approachable.

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