Arav excels in school

Young Arav Prasad. Picture: SUPPLIED

HIS grin says it all. Arav Prasad, 7, made his parents smile even more when he came home excitedly with his school report.

The Year One student of Bhawani Dayal Primary School scored 100 per cent in all his subjects in his end of term assessment. It was a feat considering he missed six weeks of school after he suffered a burn on his shoulder.

Young Arav accidentally had tea spilt on his shoulders when he ran into his mother who was carrying a cup of hot tea.

The pain was excruciating and it was only when neighbours intervened and advised the family to seek traditional therapy from a woman from Beqa Island that the young student was able to recover.

So it was when he came home with his full marks that parents, Manoj and Radhna Kamal found quite surprising. They did not expect their son to excel as such.

”When he came home with his report he told me to guess what his marks were, so I teased him that was first from last,” said Manoj.

“But when he showed me his results, I was quite proud of him. Arav is a bubbly boy and very determined. This is a start of many things to come and I’m confident that he will pursue everything to the best of his ability.”

The young lad says he wants to be a pilot when he grows up and loves playing soccer.

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