APCAS: Responding positively to agricultural challenges

Update: 4:12PM THE week-long 27th Session of Asia Pacific Commission on Agricultural Statistics (APCAS) has been described a success with the active participation, meaningful exchanges, and experience sharing achieved among participating member countries on new methods and measures of statistical requirements.

APCAS chairperson and Fiji’s Ministry of Agriculture permanent secretary David Kolitagane said this meant that they had identified the gaps and ways and means of responding positively to those challenges by way of policies and action plans, which would assist agricultural producers, exporters, and agro-processors to increase production, processing, and exports.

Mr Kolitagane said with the new Pacific Strategic Plan in place, the onus was now on island States to take ownership of those measures to improve their statistical systems because it would eventually help their governments in economic forecasting and planning.

He said now with Fiji chairing APCAS over the next two years, it would be in the interest of island States to consolidate their actions for statistical requirements.

“One of the positives of the 27th APCAS is the agreement in principle for island States to form a working committee that will voice assistance to island governments on their statistical needs,” Mr Kolitagane said.

“Another approach is to assist island States in the use of new technologies and methodologies that will really boost the work of statistical data gathering.”

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