ANZ volunteers join tree planting initiative

ANZ staffs during the tree planting in Lautoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

AS part of Government’s “Plant 4million trees in Four Years”, volunteers joined staff from the Ministry of Forestry yesterday to plant trees in the Sugar City.

Among the group was about 20 volunteers from ANZ offices in the Western Division.

Lautoka branch manager Linda Hanfakaga said they had volunteered to help out with preparatory works under the 4 million trees initiative.

The initiative has been an important one for the Ministry of Forestry.

This week, Minister Osea Naiqamu reiterated that forests and trees would increasingly become more important in the global fight against climate change.

“The ability of countries to facilitate sustainable socio-economic development for their people, this is at the heart of the Ministry for Forestry’s strategic direction towards 2030 and beyond,” he said.

“Enhancing conservation of forested areas, developing forest wood and non-wood products, developing forest industries and promoting forest trade for Fiji’s socio-economic benefits are of high priority for Government.

“These include capitalising on new opportunities and addressing emerging challenges and risks that are crucial to develop the forest sector.”

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