Anti-litter frontline

A GROUP of Lautoka residents have taken the frontline in the battle against the “trashy” problem of indiscriminate littering.

Concerned about the indiscriminate dumping of rubbish and environmental degradation of the main road from Vuda to Nadi International Airport, the group took it upon themselves to clean up the garbage.

Vuda Marina general manager Adam Wade said he was inspired to lead the campaign after coming across three dumping sites while driving from the marina to the airport.

“I was with my six-year-old daughter and I wanted to show her that just because a lot of people were dumping rubbish anywhere they liked, it wasn’t right,” he said.

“It just appals me that people do not think twice about throwing rubbish out of a vehicle or dumping their household waste wherever they want to.

“They need to understand that the rubbish doesn’t just disappear.

“It ends up in our drains and eventually in the sea where it affects our environment.

“Parents need to lead by example because kids can learn all about caring for the environment while they are at school but if they come home and see mum and dad dumping rubbish on the side of the road or see them toss an empty plastic bottle out the car window — everything they have learnt is in vain.”

Mr Wade was assisted by Vuda Marina staff, Anchorage Resort staff, a driver from Geckos Trucking and Anu Hannon from the Anchorage Resort.

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